CYRANNUS®  by  iplas

CYRANNUS® for Hydrogen

Without CO2 or even with negative CO2 balance

Clean conversion of Methan in Hydrogen and purest Solid Carbon Black

  • Truely CO2 free, no trapping / back conversion of CO2 after burning
  • No addition of electricity from grid necessary
  • Decentralised solution, production at point of use
  • Valuable by-product (high grade Solid Carbon Black)

CYRANNUS® plasma chemistry units for R&D with tailored design and processes

  • Cracking Methan, halogenic hydrocarbons etc.
  • Synthesis acethylen, graphene, nano-particles, diamond
  • Analytics

CYRANNUS® plasma chemistry units for production processes

  • Hydrogen synthesis
  • Solid Carbon Black
  • Acethylen
  • Etc.

Please contact iplas with your full company / institute data and description of request



Releases of latest developments about industrial production coming soon !